Are you here because you want to finally have YOUR breakthrough in life & express your highest potential?

Have you been feeling STUCK for a while...

Certain areas in your life (money, love, mental health, old habits, relationships with others & yourself, health, purpose, career) are NOT improving SIGNIFICANTLY, no matter what you’ve tried? You want to get UNSTUCK!

Have you been comparing to OTHERS...

Others are having their breakthroughs & successes, things seem to be moving forward for them & you are comparing yourself to them? You want to feel FREE & CONFIDENT, get CLARITY & define your VISION!

… and you are wondering…

Why hasn’t it happened for me yet?

This is probably NOT your first time doing the inner work:

>>> You've been reading the psychology & personal growth books & taking the courses.

>>> You've been doing your research & diving into the science & the different modalities.

>>> You've been open to spirituality, the law of attraction, "change your mind-change your life" conversations.

>>> You know YOU can do better. You know YOU are meant for more.

>>> You know about the power of your mind, meditations, affirmations and all that.

>>> Perhaps you've even done the therapy & the coaching & the energy healing & the latest greatest technique.

You know all that already!!!

If you are ready to BREAK FREE from:

Being paralyzed by fear, shyness, social anxiety, comparisons, others' opinions.

Second-guessing yourself, being in your head too much & doubting your worth.

Feeling scattered & lost, your emotions are all over the place, and don't feel like yourself.

Finding yourself in the same repetitive relationship patterns with loved ones.

Feeling defeated for not being further along in career, financially, and life in general.

Constantly feeling overwhelmed, stressed out & worried about everything.

Feeling like you are not living for yourself & are putting everybody else on a pedestal.

Struggling with depression, grief, emotional eating, body image, anxiety, abandonment.

Then you are in the right place!!!

Say this out loud: “I CAN break free. My new life is waiting for ME. This is my time!”

And if there is a part of you that says: “Sounds great but HOW?” or “I don’t believe this is possible for me” or “Is this another false promise?” or “I’ve heard this before” or “How long is this going to take?” or “This will work for others not me” or “I can’t afford this” or “I don’t have time for this”…

Then, keep reading… I’ve got you!

"If I Can Break Free, So Can YOU!"

~ If I can heal from a very rare form of cancer, that doctors told me I only had 3-6 months to live; SO CAN YOU claim what is true for you, even if others around you aren’t able to see or believe that it is possible.

~ If I can overcome the anxiety, self-doubt, fear, uncertainty, overwhelm, and perfectionism that kept me stuck for so long, SO CAN YOU.

~ If I can overcome 30+ years of chronic health issues that seemed they’d never go away, SO CAN YOU overcome long-standing patterns that are limiting you.

~ If I can turn my struggles & blocks into my purpose, SO CAN YOU. If I can break free from the limiting ideas of what is possible for me & step into the quantum field of infinite possibilities, SO CAN YOU.

Why am I saying “SO CAN YOU” with so much confidence? Because not only did I help myself heal & break free from what seemed impossible, I’ve also been helping hundreds of clients do the same since 2009, as a psychotherapist.

I have devoted my whole life to this work, it is what I live & breathe and…

YES, I did it for me initially or else I wasn’t going to make it (literally). But then I started helping my private clients, one-by-one, break through some pretty “impossible” & stuck situations. I was blown away by the miracles I saw day in and day out in my small psychotherapy practice.

I felt the pull to expand outside and far beyond my small office & to create a simple yet deep methodology that surpassed the limitations of traditional psychotherapy, psychology, & personal development space. I had been in personal therapy & self-development for 35+ years, studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Spirituality, Psychology for 20+ years, I had gathered multiple degrees & knowledge… yet something was missing

No modality, therapy, treatment or method out there, had it all. They were all missing some pieces. And that is why I kept hitting a wall in my personal growth but also in my work with clients. The inner calling to develop my own methodology kept growing stronger…

Thus, why I developed the Whole Psychology Method™ . An 11-step roadmap, gently guiding you step-by-step to uncover the 11 root causes that are at the core of every struggle, every block, every reason why you are stuck. And all that, in the most doable, actionable & non-overwhelming way. Once you apply this methodology you will never look back & your new life will be your new reality.

I put this transformational methodology in an affordable, 45-day program because my goal was to save you TIME (so you don’t have to keep wasting time trying things that don’t work) and save you MONEY (so you don’t have to keep spending money hiring coaches, buying expensive programs or the latest greatest self-help method).

You might be wondering how do I access this?


Break Free Mind,

…the ONLY methodology of its kind. It is your A to Z transformation that brings together all the puzzle pieces needed to break free & guides you effortlessly to the root cause of what has been keeping you stuck, so you can FINALLY break free!

What Makes the Break Free Mind program different?

If you’ve been the one who has been trying all the things to feel better, yet things get better only temporarily, then BFM is for you! You’ve been slipping through the cracks with too much information & modalities that don’t give you a clear picture of how it all applies into your life. Break Free Mind brings it all together, so that you can get unstuck and experience the peace and freedom that you’ve been craving for.

If you often feel like you are blindsided by life, or that the other shoe may drop at any moment, & you feel like the same things just keep happening over and over, then BFM is for you! Break Free Mind gets to the bottom of things so you can release long-standing patterns that no longer serve you & it gives you a sustainable process that you can repeat again and again, in any and all areas of your life.

If you want to see change in your life, you know there is more for you, yet at the same time you are fearful of change & the unknown, then BFM is for you! Break Free Mind doesn’t require years of an archeological dig into your past. It carries you along a 45-Day journey that is gentle and meets you where you are at. It guides you on how to navigate shifts in your life so they don’t feel abrupt & so that you feel safe & supported.

5 Reasons Why Most Programs Do NOT Work:

Reason 1

Reason 2

Reason 3

Reason 4

Reason 5

You Want What Works!

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The Whole Psychology Method™ Framework is fast (yup, only 45 days) yet the transformations are long-lasting:

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"Since taking Break Free Mind, my income has increased, I found a job I love, I moved into a new apartment that is beyond what I thought I could get! Before BFM I was stuck for years in these areas. My entire life has changed and my relationship with myself is better than it has ever been." - Annie S.

"Break Free Mind has really changed my life. My neck pains and my indigestion have disappeared and I sleep much better. This has allowed me to be more focused, creative and productive in my job. I am experiencing a significant reduction in anger and stress in my everyday life. This helps me to feel better and live a healthier lifestyle." – Joanna K.

"If I had not done this program I really don’t know how I would have been able to connect with my daughter, and support her through some very challenging topics. What I learned through this program has reconnected me in a more meaningful way to communicate and understand my family." -Derek D.

"Before BFM I struggled with my confidence, persistent feelings of anxiety & feeling I am not good enough. There was this underlying tension I felt that permeated all my relationships and behaviors. I feared it was too late for me to live differently. But now so much has shifted for me! Increased self-love, compassion and an open heart. I am much more relaxed and excited about life & communicate with others more meaningfully." –Laura G.

"Before taking BFM I had no idea I was an Empath. I knew I was sensitive and had been told that my entire life. But, it was seen as a weakness. But not anymore! I’ve since learned positive ways to stand up for myself and hold my boundaries. I can now speak my truth in a loving, respectful way so that I am heard. My communication patterns with family have dramatically improved." –Gilli H.

"I’ve always had the role of provider. It’s just “go to work”, “need to go to work”. I was in the habit of “doing” without really thinking about what I want. I never really thought about my purpose prior to BFM. I have since allowed myself to finally start looking at what I want to do. I can see how life is now richer." -Spencer G.

By the end of this program, you will have…

Clarity; for the big stuff to the small details. You will have a renewed strength & vision of who you are & what you really want.

Freedom; from fear & stress. You will successfully release long-standing fears by integrating brain, heart & body.

Limitlessness; You will feel connected to new possibilities, plans, opportunities that you weren't able to access before.

Abundance; You will start to experience flow in many areas of your life because the blocks will start to fade away.

Independence; You will break the dependency cycle & learn how to trust in yourself & your intuition.

Confidence; You will feel more aligned with your true self, release comparisons & express yourself more confidently.

What the Break Free Mind program includes:

✓ Modules that speak to every aspect of your life, facilitating transformation in areas you didn’t even know were possible.
✓ 11 carefully crafted modules, which almost do the work for you.
✓ Available to you for lifetime access.

✓ Even if you have no clue what it is that’s keeping you stuck, the program does all that for you.
✓ It takes you from theory to practical, actionable, and proven steps for real-life application.
✓ Eliminates the need to try to gather everything from multiple different sources; saving you money, time and energy.
✓ A cohesive and structured methodology that combines it all in a way that actually makes sense, and doesn’t create more chaos and overwhelm for you.

VALUE: $2,000

✓ Cheatsheets and Journaling Guides to consolidate the information for each of the 11 modules.
✓ Specific step-by-step guides created to accommodate all types of learners; auditory, visual, reading & writing, as well as kinesthetic.
✓ Provide you tools to use during your day, especially during triggering situations.

✓ Help dissolve feelings of being lost or left behind. And it will also help you release any sense of pressure or worry.
✓ Give you tangible processes and steps to use during important daily moments in your life.
✓ Help you develop self trust, confidence, intuition, focused attention and clear thinking & eliminate the fear & complexity of change & transformation.
✓ Save what could be months or years of wasted time and money trying things that don’t work, and eliminate the trial and error process.

VALUE: $900

✓ 6 group coaching sessions, one session a week, for the 6 weeks of the program.
✓ Conducted within a safe group setting, with stated group agreements that support confidentiality.
✓ Receive accountability, greater clarity, & customization of your journey.

✓ Relate to others and feel safe to participate in open-hearted conversations.
✓ Personalize your journey so it is fully integrated and becomes part of your life.
✓ Receive loving support from Whole Wellness Coaches, I have personally trained within my methodology.
✓ See the whole puzzle of what is really going, and quickly pinpoint the root causes of why you are stuck.

VALUE: $3,000

✓ Easy-to-use templates to plug & play in your life immediately.
✓ Specifically designed to take you to the root causes that relate to you the most.
✓ Invaluable resources that took decades to compile & you cannot find anywhere else.

✓ Identify long-standing patterns that have been holding you back, in a gentle way.
Save time and money with personalized and carefully curated templates that can be applied to what you are navigating.
✓ Expedite your process with a customizable, step-by-step formula that clients love & changes lives.
Break any dependency cycle of seeking help from sources & others outside of you & learn how to trust yourself.

VALUE: $550

✓ Specifically designed meditations, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) process, and a proprietary Manifestation Formula.
✓ Created to bring brain, heart & body into coherence & address inner conflict.
✓ Support long-term & sustainable change that lasts.

✓ Designed specifically to help you save time and to bring coherence to the body, the heart and the mind.
✓ Calm the internal sense of tug of war, dissolve second-guessing yourself, and reduce the feelings of being on a roller-coaster in life.
Stop the dance of one step forward and two steps back by applying these tools for coherence.
Eliminate the self-sabotage and the feeling of being trapped in a vicious cycle.

VALUE: $400


Now ONLY: $997 or 3 payments of $357.

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If you know you are meant for more…

>> If you want to break free & have reached a point in your life where ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

>> If you are FED UP with at least one area in your life & you WANT it to CHANGE.

>> If you know it all starts within & you just got to REMOVE the BLOCKS …

Then this program is for YOU!

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How Others re Breaking Free:

Kellie Lupsha

I’m a busy mom of four. I’ve run several businesses and I own my own. I’ve worked for huge companies and run hospitals, but because of that and having this “I can do it all” attitude, I never actually stopped and tapped into my feelings and my emotions and my thoughts. And I thought, “Who has time for that? Why do I need to feel that? That’s ridiculous. I’ve got stuff to do!” And that’s how I was living. For the time it served me. But now I’m learning every single day to tap into how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking and what are my emotions attached to all of this and it makes me navigate my day, how I show up for my kids, how I show up in my business in a whole new way. And when I feel good, my energy is good. And then not only do the people & things around me seem to fall in place and do better, but then it’s like this ripple effect for everything in your life.

Who are your guides on this journey?

Lida Sportel, LMFT, FDNP

I am Lida Sportel and I will be your teacher, guide & mentor throughout this journey. I am the CEO of LIDASHEALING, LLC and creator of The Whole Wellness Method™. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, a Master’s Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Autoimmune Specialist, Weight Loss Coach, Diabetes Specialist, Hormones & Digestive Coach, Holistic Cancer Specialist, Quantum Numerologist, Mental Health & Emotional Eating Coach, & Universal Laws Coach.

For 20+ years, I’ve been on a personal journey of transformation, which started at the age of 19 when “against all odds”, I healed from a terminal illness. In the years that followed I broke free from layers of trauma, grief & loss, fear, anxiety, and chronic health issues. I’ve been helping hundreds of clients Break Free & transform their lives since 2009. I have created The Whole Wellness Method™ out of a growing passion and dedication to help my clients, and myself, achieve true and lasting physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. That is, Whole Wellness!

I have also developed The Whole Psychology Method™ to BREAK FREE & save my own life and to transform my clients’ lives in fast & effective ways that I felt others models were lacking. I also created The Unity Consciousness Methodology™, a methodology that certifies coaches to learn how to help others, grow their business, & make money while creating massive impact.

I am passionate about helping YOU break free & heal, define YOUR vision & purpose, so that YOU can create a fulfilling life embodying YOUR purpose, inspiring others and making money. I offer 3 ways for people to work with me: 1. My membership community, 2. Courses I have designed & strategically paired with group coaching or 1:1 coaching & 3. A Certification program for those who want to learn how to help others & become a coach. Let’s do this!


Gilli is my right hand, my dear friend, and soul sister. She is the Head Whole Wellness Coach in my business & serves as a mentor for new Whole Wellness Coaches. She will be your coach during the group coaching sessions as you go through Break Free Mind.

She is also an avid lover of Mother Nature, herbalism, humanity & the unseen realms. Gifted Empath & Healer specializing in Psychology, Neuroscience, Quantum Paradigm, Self-Love, Astrology, Tarot, Channeling & Unity Consciousness Coaching helping others create bridges to healing & creativity. She is also an experienced coach for the developmentally disabled, home bound seniors and disadvantaged populations. As an empath, Gilli has devoted a large portion of her time to helping other Break Free, remove the blocks that no longer serve them in gentle & safe ways, raise the consciousness of our planet, & remind others of their Divinity. She walks the talk and you’ll find her continuously learning, growing, connecting to her Higher Self & Source.

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How Others Are Breaking Free:


There I was fresh out of a job that I had been working at for 15 years. My experience there was far from fulfilling, and it felt like a very toxic work environment. I didn’t know what was on the other side. As a matter of fact, I’ve always struggled to be me. I’ve always been shy and introverted.

I dreamed of being confident. I’d see those around me who were expressive, loud, and outgoing. I wanted what they had, confidence. I thought to myself, well I am none of those things so therefore I could never be confident. Over the years I tried to fix this pain with many different programs, courses, self-help books, seminars, videos; you name it, I most likely have tried it. Yet, the sadness and the pain remained. And so did the self-judgment, the blame, and my thoughts that something was inherently wrong with me.

There was part of me that knew that I was meant for so much more, but what my head knew, my heart did not. My head was full of information on how to help myself, but I still had an emptiness inside my heart. I kept wondering why do I feel this way when I know all these things? And that just continued my belief that I was weak.

When the opportunity to take Break Free Mind came to me, I thought to myself is this just going to be like the rest of the things I’ve tried? Will if I fail at this, too? Doubt was there, but I decided to jump in and try it out.

The first thing I noticed was the Break Free Mind journey and how beautifully structured it was. I sensed something was different this time, and it was. Through this program I was able to identify the parts of my life experience, and the beliefs I had created that had been keeping me feeling so sad, weak, and small. It helped me to look at my past and my pain. Before taking this program, I wouldn’t look at my pain, I’d much rather flake out on the couch and numb it out in one way or another. Yet, that led me to live life on autopilot.

However, I wasn’t doing that this time. Through the modules, through the coaching, and through the processes provided I began to feel shifts in my thinking. I began to reconnect to my body, and actually feel what I was learning. And I learned that my shyness can also be confidence, and I’ve claimed that for myself now.

I began to see myself in a new light, as I learned about being an Empath and what that means. This helped free me from the confusion of my sensitivities and why I always wanted to help and why I’d cry so easily or feel other people’s pain so often. Things became more and more clear. And I have opened up to trusting myself more and taking baby steps in trusting others more. My intuition is heightened, and I feel connected to my heart, my strengths, and my light more than I ever have. Now I use my gifts to help others to Break Free too!

GOT QUESTIONS? Here are some FAQs:

Q: I am really busy; how much time do I need to devote to this?

A: I get it & I can relate! And because most of my clients are busy moms/dads, or work full time, or run their own business, or have a lot on their plate in general..I have designed this program so it fits really nicely into your already busy life & not try to make your life fit into it. It takes about 2 hours a week of your time but of course you can spend less time if too busy; the program is yours for lifetime access.

Q: What if I just want to change a habit & I am not looking for this complete transformation?

A: I am so glad you asked! BFM is an 11-step methodology that allows you to holistically & systematically break free form ANYTHING you’re looking to change; a habit, a behavior, a pattern! It doesn’t have to be a whole transformation if that is not what you are looking to get out of this program. As soon as you sign up you get to customize the journey to what you want!

Q: I don't feel I can afford this; I don't feel comfortable spending that much money on myself.

A: I hear you! Gilli felt the exact same way & here is what she says now: “I was at a crossroads in my life. I knew I had been struggling with repeating patterns of pain and betrayal. I struggled with loving myself and I didn’t really know what I wanted in life because I was always so focused on other people’s needs. Purchasing a program for just me, was not in my scope of thinking. But there was something deep within me that knew I needed a structured approach that I could start applying in my life immediately. So I took a leap of faith and used a credit card to buy the program. Something I would have never done prior to that moment. And, I am so glad I did, because it has changed my life! While taking the program, there was a financial scare that I owed some money to my unemployment insurance, but I applied what I learned and I ended saving myself what could have been thousands of dollars! It was a complete miracle in my life!!! A little bit of investment in myself has put me on an entirely new and beautiful path in my life.”

Q: Why does the payment plan cost more?

A: Good question! The payment plan is about $74 more than the full pay. I’ll give you a little inside my business peek: In order to offer the payment plan we are incurring extra fees each month & we also pay members of our team to ensure the payment plan process runs smoothly, so we need to charge a little bit more to cover a part of these extra expenses.

Q: What if I want to work on a different issue than the one I started the program with?

A: BFM is designed to get you taking action and seeing results right away, but sometimes life happens & new things come up during the 6 weeks of the course that you can incorporate in your work with your coach & in each of the modules with the exercises. Also, you get lifetime access which allows you to go back and revisit the whole methodology working on a different issue.

Q: I am worried this might not work for me...

A: I designed BFM with you in mind! I felt just like that for years, nothing was working for me. My situation felt different from others and no matter what I was trying it wasn’t working. Here is what Ryan says: “I’ve been to…career gurus doing all the different programs I’ve gotten great things from them, but it was never set up in a way that was really easy to implement, where it continues to build on it. Having support on a weekly call to do this [program’s] work was a really big thing for me because it’s very easily digestible, very easy to do it. Other courses I take, your spending hours a week. This [program] makes it very simple, very self explanatory. And just having these small, simple shifts every week that build every week on one another. It’s a very systematic approach to where it makes it very easy for you to make progress and to implement the information. Versus just gathering information. Because knowledge is not power. It’s implemented knowledge that makes it power. So that’s where this [program] really makes a big difference.”

Q: Do I have to dig into my past & bring up stuff I don't even want to remember?

A: Gentry had the exact same question, & here is what she says now after taking BFM: “Starting out in the beginning, I knew that there were going to be some modules that touched on going into thoughts & going into emotions. Being highly sensitive…I was starting to think like, oh gosh, you know, am I going to just end up stuck in an archeological dig rehashing the past, and just going through some dark overwhelming stuff? That didn’t sound fun. I had done that in the past. But now I’m making true transformation…working with emotions, how to work with thoughts in a much gentler way. It’s a quicker way to move through it, allow the feeling but to move through it. And that’s been beautiful. That’s been huge.”

Still not sure if BFM is for you?

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“Lida has created a masterpiece. A masterfully curated methodology for us all to live in our highest expression."

~ Gilli Henson

“I can go on and on how Lida helped me tremendously. Always grateful for this program that offers me the opportunity to change forever!”

~ Rosy Goff